Settlement Method Of Export Service Of Foreign Trade Agent

Agent export is a trade method that export enterprises accept the entrustment of other enterprises and handle exports on their behalf. Before we understand the basic process and considerations of cooperation with the agent export company, here we look at the actual operation of the business, agent export services and settlement methods. Agent export services First of all, the several elements of the agent export service: First, the agent's principal, usually there is no self-export right of the main body, the main body may be production enterprises, trading companies, individual SOHO and so on. The second is the trustee, that is, the agent company. From the qualification point of view,it is the trade type company that has management right of import and export commonly, agent export drawback qualification and general taxpayer qualification. Some of these agents also state that they are customs Class A enterprises. Because the application to become a customs Class A enterprise, can greatly shorten the customs clearance time, and reduce the inspection rate and cost in the customs clearance process. Third, the agent company is mainly responsible for the agent customs declaration, commodity inspection, receiving foreign exchange, payment of money, settlement of foreign exchange, tax refund, etc., where the Us Dollar advance payment is paid to the agent company account, to pay the purchase price by the agent company and obtain VAT invoice, and then handle tax refund by the agent company. How agent exports are settled Then there are the main settlement methods of the agent export. The first way is to buy out the export. In fact, the two sides agreed to buy the goods out of the price, the agent company to buy out the goods. This buy-out price will be higher than the current exchange rate, for example, the current U.S. dollar to the RMB exchange rate is 7, then the agreement's buy-out price may be 7.4, 7.5 or so. Here is a point to note, is that the agent company bought out, the export of goods tax rebate income is not owned by the principal. So in order to make up for this loss, in fact, the agreement's buy-out price, in addition to the existing exchange rate, should also contain the amount of tax refund. The second way is to charge RMB per dollar. It is common to charge 0.05CNY for 1USD. The third way is to charge 1% of the FOB value at the customs declaration. For example, the export payment is USD 20,000 and the agency fee is USD 200. By comparing these three settlement methods, it is not difficult to find that the settlement amount value of the three is fixed, and the calculation formula of the settlement amount is the amount of USD received×the current exchange rate. In addition, for the second and third settlement methods, the value of the refund amount is also fixed, and the calculation formula of the refund amount is the VAT invoice amount /1.17×refund rate. We can see that these two settlement methods are calculated according to the import amount/declaration amount, which has nothing to do with the value of VAT invoice. And the settlement method of buyouts export, because of the existence of the buyouts price, the value of value-added tax invoice will be different if the buyouts price is different, so the refund amount in this settlement method, its corresponding value will also change.

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