Several Common Units Of Measurement In Foreign Trade

In the commodity trading activities of foreign trade, different product goods use different commodity measurement units. The following are some of the more common units of measurement in foreign trade. Let's take a look! Calculate by weight Calculating by weight is a type widely used in international trade today. For example, many agricultural and sideline products, mineral products and industrial manufactured products are all measured by weight. Units measured by weight are metric tons, long tons, short tons, kilograms, grams, ounces, etc. Calculate by number Most industrial manufactured products, especially daily consumer goods, light industrial products, mechanical products and a native product, are used to buying and selling according to quantity. The units of measurement used are pieces, pairs, sets, dozen, rolls, reams, and baskets, as well as individual units, tables, sets, sheets, bags, cases, buckets, bags, etc. Calculate by length In the transactions of merchants such as metal ropes, silks, cloths, etc., length units such as meters, feet, and yards are usually used for measurement. Calculate by area In the transaction of glass plates, carpets and other commodities, it is generally used to take the area as a unit of measurement, and commonly used are square meters, square feet, square yards, etc. Calculate by volume Commodities sold by volume are limited, limited to wood, natural gas and chemical gases, etc. These are the units of measurement in this area, including cubic meters, cubic feet, cubic yards, etc. Calculate by Capacity Various types of grain and liquid cargo are often measured by volume. For example, the United States uses bushels as the unit of measurement for various grains. However, the weight represented by bushels varies depending on the grain, for example, 56 pounds per flaxseed, 32 pounds for oats, 60 pounds for soybeans and wheat, and liters and gallons are used for alcohol and oil products measurement. Pint is mainly used in the United Kingdom, the United States and Ireland, 1 pint represents different capacities in the United Kingdom and the United States.

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