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Basic profile of Taiwan, China China's Taiwan is located in the southeastern waters of main land China. It has developed manufacturing and high-tech industries, and leads the world in the fields of semiconductors, IT, communications, and electronic precision manufacturing. International trade is the economic lifeblood of Taiwan. Mainland China is Taiwan's largest trading partner, largest export destination, and largest source of imports. It is the first region for import and export trade, followed by the United States and Japan. The data of Taiwan of China's foreign trade source comes from the bill of lading data of local customs, which records every shipping transaction record of Taiwanese enterprises in China and all trading companies in the world, and provides online query. Taiwan data description The data of China Taiwan Import and Export from foreign trade network.net has been updated since 2011. There have been 1.78 million B / Ls of import and export data online, including 58600 buyers and 65733 suppliers. Due to China ’s Taiwan ’s customs policy and other reasons, the data has ceased to be updated. The customs historical data currently kept online, the date of import data stays on May 24, 2017, and the export data stays on September 25, 2018. import data export data 1. Each bill of lading transaction record has an 11-digit HS code for customs declaration. 2. Provide a detailed description of the goods, using Chinese as the language. 3. The import data provides detailed buyer information, including company name (Chinese and English), address, website and contact information. 4. The export data provides detailed supplier information, which also includes the company name (Chinese and English) and contact information such as email and telephone.

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