Tax Refund Methods For Different Types Of Foreign Trade Enterprises

In international trade, foreign trade enterprises can refund the tax if they meet the export tax rebate regulations. The tax refund methods for different types of enterprises are different. Let's take a look. Ways of export tax refund The tax refund methods for different types of enterprises are as follows: Trade enterprises: tax exemption and tax refund, that is, the value-added part of this export sales link is tax-free, and the input tax is refunded. Production enterprises: tax exemption, credit, and tax rebate, that is, the value-added part of export sales is exempted from tax. The part of the input tax that is allowed to be deducted is deducted from the taxable amount of domestic goods, and the part that has not been deducted is tax refunded. Small-scale taxpayers: tax exemption and non-refundable tax, that is, the export goods are directly exempt from VAT and consumption tax. Tax exemption, no tax refund The following enterprises export goods, unless provided, are granted tax exemption, but no tax refund 1. Small-scale taxpayers belonging to production enterprises export their own goods or entrust foreign trade enterprises to export their own goods. 2. Foreign trade enterprises export goods purchased from small-scale taxpayers and holding ordinary invoices, which are exempt from tax but are not refundable. 3. If foreign trade enterprises directly purchase tax-exempt goods (including tax-exempt agricultural products) prescribed by the state for export, tax-free but no tax refund will be given. 4. Foreign trade enterprises purchase export goods from non-manufacturing enterprises, non-city and county foreign trade enterprises, non-agricultural product purchase units, non-basic supply and marketing cooperatives, and non- electromechanical equipment supply companies. Exempt from VAT and consumption tax Export goods exempt from VAT and consumption tax include: 1. Goods imported for processing and re-export, that is, the import of raw materials is exempted from tax, and the export of processed self-made goods is not subject to tax refund. 2. Contraceptive drugs and utensils, old books, tax-free for domestic sales, and tax-free for exports. 3. Exported cigarettes: There are exported cigarettes, which are exempted from value-added tax and consumption tax in the production link, and no tax refund is applied for the export link. Other non-planned cigarettes are subject to value-added tax and consumption tax according to regulations, and no tax refund will be given for export. 4. Military products and military system enterprises exporting goods produced by munitions factories or allocated by the munitions department are exempt from tax. 5. Goods that enjoy tax exemption under the current preferential tax policies of the country, such as feed and pesticides, are not subject to tax refund. 6.Foreign aid export goods that are subject to actual reporting and settlement under general material assistance.

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