The Accurate, Reliable Minority Language Translation Tools Are Recommended To Use!

For some foreign trade people whose minority language ability is not good, but also want to develop minority language market. Having a precision, high credibility of minority language translation tools to assist us to solve the process of language environmental problems, such as translation to send development letters, find local use of product keywords, etc., is utterly our bless! As following I would like to introduce such a tool to assist development, let's take a look at it. Linguee is a multilingual translation site that combines query dictionaries and search engines. Search directly on Google and go to Lingue's main page, and from the drop-down options, we can see some of the translation languages that are often used, translated from English into a variety of minority languages. If you want bilingual translation of other languages, click “more languages” and you can see a list of two columns of languages in the following image, with the starting language on the left and the language that needs to be translated on the right. For example: we want to translate English into Russian, select English on the left, select English on the right, and just select the English on the right. First of all, let's look at its word translation. Word translation Let's try to enter the LED lights translation, as shown below. The screenshot shows a dictionary of English and Russian correspondence, where we can see the results of the Russian translation of LED lights:светодиодные фонари. In addition, it provides some unusual expressions, as well as the translation of some common split words. Secondly, it is also the function of this tool that is amazing. As mentioned earlier, Linguee combines search engines, which, in addition to giving dictionary word translation functions, also provides a list of bilingual word usage, examples and other information cited by external websites, as well as search engine crawlers, such as: We can see the left using LED lights English expression of the example of the sentence, On the right, there is a bilingual translation of the Russian language. The search results contain a number of common examples of bilingual translation, such as the content of which is derived from official websites that have been translated into multiple languages, improving the accuracy and credibility of translations. And the translation data provided is very large and complete, and even some professional industry vocabularies are translated very accurately, which is a feature that many online dictionary does not have. Next, let's look at how the entire sentence translates. Translation of the whole sentence The development letter we send to our foreign trade customers, the closing phrase usually includes the words "We look forward to from hearing you", and we now use “The Linguee tool” to translate it. We found that the current page does not provide the translation function of the whole sentence, but rather splits the phrases for translation, and provides some common bilingual word usage. Based on this information, we can learn to better organize what we want to express, improve the accuracy of translation, and output more accurate mail content. Another way is to click on the Translator option above and go to the translation page. You can select the starting language and the language you need to translate in “Translate from” and “Translate into”. (Translation is currently available in nine languages.) Next, we enter "We look forward to hearing from you soon." From the right to obtain the corresponding Russian translation results, we can see that the translation results are also very accurate. The above is my share of a set of query dictionary and search engine as a minority language translation tool, and the accuracy and credibility of search results is also very high, I hope that developing minority language market has some help for you.

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