Ukrainian Customs Data

Basic profile of Ukraine Ukraine is located in Eastern Europe. The main export products are metal products, inorganic chemical materials, textiles, aluminum products, etc. The main export countries are Russia, Turkey, and Italy. The main imported commodities are mineral products, mechanical and electrical products, chemical products, plastic products, base metal products, food, etc. The main import sources are Russia, China, Germany, and the United States. Among them, China is Ukraine's second largest source of imports after Russia. In recent years, China is one of the countries with the fastest growth in Ukrainian imports. The Ukrainian customs data of the foreign trade state comes from the official data of the local customs first-hand, which provides online inquiry, updated once a month, and the language is Ukrainian. Ukraine data description Ukrainian customs data records every shipping transaction in Ukraine and all trading companies in the world, including import data and export data. The customs data of Ukraine in the foreign trade state has been updated since 2006. Up to now, it has provided 75.88 million import and export transaction records, including 176257 buyers and 70234 suppliers. Customs data for Ukraine is updated monthly. (The latest update time, see data update table) import data export data 1. Each order has a 10-digit HS code used in local customs declaration in Ukraine. 2. Provide a detailed description of the goods. The language used is not Ukrainian. 3. The data provides detailed company information of both parties, including company name, address, and code. 4. The export data also provides information about the guarantor, that is, the party who is legally responsible for the import, export or tax payment of the goods, including the name, address, and code of the guarantor. 5. Each order carries the volume and price information of the transaction between the two parties, including the quantity, weight, and transaction amount of the transaction. The currency of the transaction is US dollars (USD) and hryvnia (UAH). 6. Display detailed shipping information. In addition to the country of origin, country of origin, and entry and exit ports, the export data also provides shipping information such as shipping methods, trade terms, and place of delivery.

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