Use Foreign Search Engines To Actively Develop Customers

In the work of foreign trade development customers, due to the fierce price competition of homogenous products, coupled with the long development cycle and high cost of customers, choosing the right development channel and multi-channel development are urgent needs of foreign traders. With the development of the Internet, compared with the traditional B2B platform for developing customer channels and exhibitions, this channel for developing customers through search engines is also increasingly recognized and used by foreign traders. Why use search engines to retrieve and develop customers? First of all, the Internet network is actually a database with a very large amount of information, which stores a lot of information resources. By using keyword searches for some products and industries, we can quickly help us find the potential customers we need, and it is also very convenient to check the background information of customers. These information resources are very critical for us to gain a deeper understanding of customer groups and analyze market industries. Second, the search threshold is low and the cost is low. When searching with a search engine, as long as you have a certain search method and skills, such as Google search instructions, long-tail keywords, etc., you can search for some effective and accurate information resources. There is also very convenient operation and use, we only need to adjust some keywords and search conditions, including long-tail words, extended words, etc., the search engine can show us different search results. In addition, the classification search of the search engine brings us great convenience. Different types of data are stored separately and have different search conditions, which can help us distinguish various specific types of information. For example, we can search by different types of conditions such as keywords, product pictures, company addresses, and even you can limit the country, region, and language of the search results. On the one hand, because of the huge amount of information, the search results are confusing, which makes us unable to start when consulting; on the other hand, it is convenient to consult specific types of information resources, which helps us obtain accurate company customer information and Data content. Many foreign traders often encounter inaccurate search results when searching using search engines and cannot find the information resources they are looking for. When this happens, there are usually two reasons: First, when we search, the keywords used are inaccurate, or the search engines are not used properly. Second, when searching, I didn't clearly define my search purpose and thinking. I searched blindly and thought of where to find it. So before searching, we'd better sort out a batch of our own product keywords, customer product words, long tail keywords, etc., continue to search for attempts, and according to the search engine results page feedback, timely adjust the combine structure of keywords and field content to find suitable and matching product keywords while expanding our search keyword vocabulary. For our foreign traders, commonly used search engines are Google, Yahoo, Bing, altavista, etc., which basically can meet our daily search and development work. Of course, like developing some specific markets, we can also use other specific search engines for retrieval, such as developing the Russian market, you can use Russia's important network service portal Yandex, the search engine is a platform for local Internet name browsing, advertising aggregation. Compared with other websites, the searched products, companies, and mailbox information will be more accurate and matching, and the search effect will be better. As one of the important means of developing foreign trade customers and investigating customer background information at this stage, search engines require us to constantly think about and optimize the search methods and skills in order to obtain the information resources we want from the search results.

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