Vietnam Customs Data

A basic profile of Vietnam Vietnam is located in the eastern part of the Central and Southern Peninsula in Southeast Asia. Vietnam and more than 150 countries and regions in the world have trade relations, mainly trade partners in the United States, China, the European Union, ASEAN and Japan. Vietnam's main imports are machinery and equipment, computers, electronic products, cloth, steel, oil, plastic raw materials, textile raw materials, steel products, etc., and the main source of imports for China, Singapore, Japan, South Korea. Mainly exports coal, oil, textiles, aquatic products, footwear, rice, wood products, coffee and other commodities, and export markets for China, the European Union, the United States and Japan. Vietnam customs data of the Foreign Trade State provides online inquiries and monthly updates for the local customs official bill of lading data and customs bill data. Vietnam Data Description Vietnamese customs data detail every seaborne transaction between the country and the region and all trading companies around the world, including import data and export data. The Vietnamese customs data of Foreign Trade State has been updated since 2012. Since then, 100 million import and export transactions have been recorded, including 152,365 buyers and 24,674 suppliers. Vietnam's customs data are updated monthly. (Latest update time, see data update table) import data export data 1. Each order has an 8-digit HS code used for customs clearance in Vietnam. 2. Provide detailed description of the goods to be traded in Vietnamese. 3. The import and export data have detailed company information of both parties, including company name, address, telephone number, code, etc. 4. Provide detailed transaction price information, including cargo weight, quantity and transaction amount. The currency unit of transaction is Vietnam dong (VND). In addition, it also provides tax information such as exchange rate, invoice value, import and export tax rate. 5. Display detailed shipping information, including country of origin, customs area, port of shipment, port of discharge, etc., as well as shipping information such as mode of transportation, flight, voyage, etc.

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