What Are Foreign Trade Bills For B/L, HB/L, MB/L? What's The Difference?

In foreign trade, a bill of lading is a document to prove that the contract for the carriage of goods by sea and the goods have been taken or loaded by the carrier, and that the carrier has guaranteed the delivery of the goods. So what are the foreign trade bill of lading B/L, HB/L, MB/L? What's the difference? The bill of B/L 、HB/L、MB/L B/L, in English called bill of lading, is a bill of lading by sea. Proof of the contract of carriage according to whether or not the goods have been shipped; It is the receipt of the goods; It's a document of title. According to whether the goods have been loaded on board or not, there are loading bill of lading and bill of lading. The bill of lading HB/L, also known as the small bill of lading, is known in English as house bill of lading, is the freight forwarding company based on MB/L bill of lading, need to be in the port of destination of the designated agent or branch in exchange for MB/L. The bill of lading MB/L, also known as the large bill of lading, is a bill of lading issued by the shipping company, as long as there is MB/L, anyone can pick up the goods directly from the shipping company at the port of destination. What is the difference between bill of lading MB/L and HB/L? MB / L is generally issued by the shipping company, in the less than container load(LCL)called the large bill of lading, also known as the main bill of lading, that is, the bill of lading required to lift the whole box. HB/L is usually issued by a freight forwarding company and is called a small bill of lading. Because it is the less than container load(LCL), it is the bill of lading to be provided when the owner of each ticket in the whole cabinet picks up his own goods. And the House Bill of Lading document has the name of the replacement company and contact methods. And the contact company is not a foreign agent or foreign shipping port agent company. The freight order HB/generally has the words as agent of carrier on the page, and the owner's single MB/L displays the words as carrier. If you want to prepay freight and have quick delivery, it is recommended to go directly out of MB/L, save the pick-up and exchange of the link. If you want to control the right to order, freight to pay, etc., you have to pay HB/L. If the goods are not whole cabinets, but scattered goods, they must be shipped from HB / L, because the shipping company will not help you consolidate the goods, and will not help you to separate the goods after arriving at the destination port. This situation can only be HB / L.

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