What Are The Classifications Of Pallets For Export?

A pallet is a horizontal platform device used for assembly, stacking, handling and transportation of cargoes and articles loaded as a unit. Similar to the function of container, it is often used with forklifts in logistics operation, and is an important equipment for loading, unloading, storage and transportation. What are the categories of pallets for export goods? Flat pallets Flat pallets are the most widely used, have the largest number of uses, and have the best versatility. Flat pallets can be subdivided into three types: 1. Classification according to the table. There are four types: single-sided, single-sided use, double-sided and airfoil; 2. Classification according to the forklift entry method. There are three types of one-way fork, two-way fork, four-way fork; 3. Classification according to materials. There are five types of wooden flat pallets, steel flat pallets, plastic flat pallets, composite flat pallets and paper pallets. Column pallets Column pallets are divided into fixed and detachable types. The basic structure is that the four corners of the pallet have steel columns. The upper ends of the columns can be connected with beams to form a frame. The main function of the column pallet is to use the column to support the weight and stack it high; secondly, it can prevent the goods placed on the pallet from collapsing during transportation and loading and unloading. Box pallets Box pallets are trays with side plates on all four sides, some boxes have top plates, and some do not have top plates. There are three types of box board: fixed, folding and detachable. There are plate type, grid type and net type around the fence. Therefore, the box type pallet with fence type around the fence is also called cage pallet or warehouse cage. The box-type pallet has strong protection ability, which can prevent collapse and cargo damage; it can load special-shaped goods that cannot be stably stacked, and has a wide range of applications. Wheel pallets Compared with column pallets and box pallets, wheel pallets have more small wheels at the bottom. Therefore, wheeled pallets are suitable for short-distance transfer, self-handling, roll-up and roll-down loading and unloading, and are similar to trolleys. It is widely used and has strong applicability. Special pallets Special pallets are used for more special occasions and often need to be customized. For example, the aviation pallet is made of aluminum alloy with light weight and high strength; shelving pallet, long-size cargo pallet, oil drum pallet, tire pallet, flat glass container pallet, etc. Skateboard pallets A flat plate with wings on one or more sides. Used to carry, store or transport the floor of the goods or products in the form of unit load. Flocking inner support It is a blister pallet made of special materials. The ordinary plastic hard sheet is glued with a layer of velvet material, so that the pallet surface has a velvety feel, which is used to improve the quality of packaging products.

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