What Documents Do Customs Need To Submit For Declaration Of Exported Goods?

Export customs declaration, also known as export customs clearance, means that the consignor / agent declares the export goods to the customs before shipment, and the customs shall examine, inspect and collect the documents submitted and the goods applying for export according to law Taxes and fees and the process of export approval. Let's take a look at what documents are required for customs declaration of export goods? Export Goods Declaration The general export goods should be filled in duplicate; the goods that need to be written off by the customs, such as processing trade goods and bonded goods, etc., should be filled out in special single declaration triples; if the goods require domestic tax refund after export, A separate tax refund declaration should be filled in. Packing list or waybill The land waybill, air waybill or seaborne export packing list is the customs stamped and released after checking the bill and inspecting the goods, and it is returned to the customs declarant for the proof of the goods to be shipped. Commercial invoice The invoice is an important basis for the customs to assess the duty-paid price. When submitting the customs declaration form for the export goods to the customs, the customs declarer should submit an invoice that specifies the true price of the goods, freight, insurance and other expenses. If the foreign exchange is entrusted to the exporter after settlement of the actual sales amount and the invoice cannot be provided when the goods are exported, the export declaration may be granted exemption. Various types of documents controlling the export of goods The export goods license and other approval documents stipulated by the state are the main documents for customs declaration procedures, and must be submitted for inspection together with the customs declaration form; those approved to be exempted from applying for export licenses in accordance with the regulations shall submit corresponding approval documents. Packing list For goods that cannot be listed in detail on the customs declaration, a packing list must be provided. Single-piece and bulk-packed goods and bulk goods can be exempted from delivery. Export foreign exchange receipt verification form All customs declarations for export goods should be submitted to the foreign exchange management department for export receipts with a "supervised foreign exchange collection" verification form, and the verification number should be filled in the upper right corner of each export declaration form. Customs clearance for outbound goods For the legally inspected goods, including those transited through customs, the Customs will inspect and release the goods with the “Exit Goods Customs Clearance Sheet” issued by the Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau affixed with the place of declaration of the goods and stamped with the special inspection and quarantine seal. Other related documents Include: (1) If the customs deems it necessary, it should also submit a trade contract, certificate of origin of the goods, etc.; (2) The goods approved by the customs for tax reduction and exemption shall be submitted with the tax reduction and exemption certificate signed by the customs; (3) Goods imported and exported under processing trade contracts that have been filed with the customs shall be submitted to the “Registration Manual” issued by the customs.

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