What Effect Does The Customs Data Have On Foreign Trade Quotations?

In the process of foreign trade transactions, providing quotations for foreigners is a very important part. If your quotation is too high and exceeds the expected price of foreigners, this transaction order is difficult to make. On the contrary, if the quotation is too low, foreigners will also be skeptical about your integrity and product quality, and will worry about the risks of trading with you. The link of quotation often puts us in a passive position. So how do you turn yourself from passive to active in the foreign trade quotation? Next, we will talk about the role of customs data on foreign trade quotations. First, a quotation must contain at least the following elements: brief information of the product, including name, model, specifications, material, weight, packaging, related certification, etc.,; second, quotation information, including product unit price, payment method, quotation validity period, goods Period, mode of transportation, etc., and indicate whether the fee includes freight and taxes. There are a few points to note that the price of the quotation should consider the exchange rate of the transaction currency, and what transportation costs are included in the price terms. So it means that we not only need to grasp some price quotations of similar products on the market, but also understand the past transactions of target customers. At this time, the original customs data and customs declarations can provide us with channels, which can help you understand the trade data such as the demand, import volume, and transaction price of the products you sell around the world. At the same time, using the customs data query platform, you can quickly find the target customer's recent purchase volume, what suppliers are available, the unit price of the purchased product, freight, taxes and other transaction information. The data mentioned above can be used as a reference for our quotation. By extracting and analyzing this part of the data, we can roughly estimate the true and affordable price of this target customer. The next step is to give foreigners an appropriate price based on this estimated price, combined with market conditions and their actual situation. Not only can you reserve a roundabout space for yourself, but also you can also well grasp the bottom line of customers. Making good use of customs data will allow us to do a good job in the quotation of foreign trade.

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