What Is The Customs Code? What Is The General HS Code?

The customs code is the HS code, and its full name is "International Convention on the Harmonized System of Commodity Names and Coding", which is referred to as the Harmonized System (abbreviated as HS). HS uses a six-digit code to divide all international trade commodities into 22 categories and 98 chapters. The chapters are divided into sub-headings. There are 1241 four-digit tax items and 5,113 six-digit subheadings. Among them, the first and second digits of commodity codes represent "chapters", the third and fourth digits represent "heads", and the fifth and sixth digits represent "subheads".

Although HS codes are not consistent in all countries, the first six digits are the same and are HS international standard codes. The codes with more than 6 digits and the corresponding products are determined by each country, and some countries have divided the seventh, eighth, and nineth digits according to the actual situation of their own countries. The HS codes currently used in China have a total of 10 bits, of which the first 8 bits are called the main code, and the last two bits are called the additional codes. In recent years, the customs of various countries have requested to display the HS code information in the bill of lading of imported goods, so it is particularly important to be familiar with the HS code requirements of various countries.

In theory, one commodity corresponds to only one HS code, and one HS code does not correspond to only one commodity. But when the actual situation is complicated, there will be differences. For example, textiles, two similar products, containing cotton and chemical fibers of the same color, but due to different proportions, the HS code will be different. Furthermore, different uses of the same product can sometimes be declared with different HS codes. For example, the same plastic small stool, the stool with the household goods and the HS code for the fishing gear are different. Sometimes different HS codes are for export tax rebates.

Finally, generally speaking, the HS code compiled by the customs will not be easily changed, but will also be changed. For example, things that are newly emerging; things that are unclear and ambiguous, etc., the general official website can find out what HS Code changes and what changes each year.

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