What Is The Goods Tax Number?

Goods tax number refers to the commodity code number column in the "Tax Code", called the tax code number column, referred to as the tax number. For taxation purposes, the tax rate of the product is listed after each tax number. Because of language, the name and description of the goods may be wrong during the translation process. In order to avoid translation errors, it is usually proved by tax number or commodity code. Customs in various countries will define the attributes of the goods and the tax rate according to the tax number, whether they need to be inspected and quarantined, etc. For goods of the same name, the tax numbers of each country are different, but the first 4 digits are basically the same. In other words, when the name translation is inaccurate, you can know what the goods are and how much tax you need to pay by checking the tax number. Many foreign trade friends are asking that is the goods tax number HS code? The HS code refers to the commodity number column in the "Statistical Commodity Catalog" and is called the commodity code. For statistical purposes, the unit of measure of the commodity is listed after each commodity code. With the growing development of China's import and export trade, China's tariff code is almost unified with the international HS code. Since January 1, 1992, China ’s import and export tax has adopted the World Customs Organization ’s Harmonized System of Commodity Names and Codings (HS), which is a scientific and systematic classification system for international trade commodities, using six-digit codes. It is applicable to many aspects such as tariffs, statistics, production, transportation, trade control, inspection and quarantine. At present, more than 90% of global trade volume uses this directory, which has become a standard language for international trade. China's import and export tax adopts eight-digit coding, the first six digits are equivalent to HS coding, and the last two are Chinese subheadings. It is an extended two-digit code based on the HS classification principles and methods according to the actual situation of China's import and export commodities.

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