What Market Strategy Do We Need To Develop In Foreign Trade Competition?

When it comes to market strategy in foreign trade, including the market that we often talk about, the proportion of production in which you operate multi-products is distributed, and the establishment of our own unique brand, are the issues that we foreign trade people often need to consider. So what market strategy do we need to develop in foreign trade? What is strategy? There may be different understandings of the definition of strategy. In the process of enterprise management, while meeting the demand, establish a differentiated product or service competitiveness, create unique value, and achieve long-term development goals of a series of activities. There are several points worth our attention in this sentence. First of all, we can see clearly that the basis of the strategy is to meet demand. This is the first point to meet the needs of different customers. Then there is the competitiveness of differentiated products or services, whether to establish enough differentiation to enhance your product, market competitiveness is the key to the strategy, this is the second point. Finally, the third point is to create unique value, that is, you have a certain degree of differentiation. Creating a unique image will bring you unique value to achieve long-term development goals. In this strategic definition, the most important is obviously the second, how to achieve your product differentiation, improve the competitiveness of products, services, and thus create unique value. In fact, for many foreign trade enterprises, the strategy to solve the problem is mainly to determine the future direction of the development of enterprises and ways. Your resource is limited. How to develop in the long term in a complex competitive environment and uncertainty is what we need to consider and make accordingly. What are the strategies? The first strategy: marketing strategy. Step-by-step, there are analysis of market opportunities, selecting target markets, identifying marketing strategies, and marketing process management. We need to have a specific marketing thinking: how to analyze your market opportunities, this refers to collecting market information, do some SWOT analysis, rather than simply based on stereotypes and past experience to make decisions. Select our target market and determine marketing strategies with some Google tools and trade data. Like us, we can use these local e-commerce platforms in our target markets to deliver our product information and brand value to our customers. It's also a promotion strategy to promote your self, find customers who are willing to distribute our products, and then try to collaborate. In other words, we can through a variety of marketing means and ways to combine ways to develop different product markets and do product branding. 1.Develop different product markets Different products are suitable for different markets, if you do a lot of products in the early stages, this time, you need to analyze and understand these markets, and consider which products to enter different target markets for promotion. Or to analyze how to better distribute your products out, marketing to foreign buyers on the doorstep, as far as possible to cover more countries and regions. 2.Brand promotion of products Now a lot of foreign trade small and medium-sized enterprises having not too strong brand awareness. And the biggest advantage of the brand is to bring us a very high premium. For example, the actual price of this product itself is 10 yuan, but if the brand is very good, plus this brand packaging, we can sell to 50 yuan, or even more. That's what we said earlier to create unique value by building differentiated product or service competitiveness. This step is more difficult for many foreign trade small and medium-sized enterprises. Especially foreign trade companies, because it is difficult to have a particularly strong brand. Instead, some production companies are more likely to establish their own brands because they cover product manufacturing and research and development. With a brand, your influence and competitiveness are different from foreign trade companies that

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