What Should We Pay Attention To When We Work With Foreign Wholesalers?

In the last period, we talked about the supply chain role of wholesalers who are different from pure trade importers, and they are not specifically for imports. Their purchase channels are various and miscellaneous, some products from local manufacturers, some products are imported according to demand. What problems should we pay attention to when we export to foreign wholesalers? Price, quality, and delivery time First of all, there is no doubt for the price of the goods. Many foreign trade friends will say that wholesalers do not care so much about prices. In fact, it is not, for example, some foreign wholesaler customers will also go to China to attend the exhibition, or to the platform Alibaba to send some inquiries to suppliers asking for prices and so on. In fact, wholesalers are not without requirements for the price, it can only say that compared with the pure trade importers, there are some customers are not so concerned about the price. The second is the quality of the product, which may not be as high as the quality requirements of distributors/brand manufacturers compared to distributors, but it is also something we need to be aware of. Then there is the delivery time, which is also very important, which will have some seasonal problems, such as Christmas and Halloween in foreign country, some products during the holiday season are obvious seasonal sales. Therefore, according to the characteristics of seasonal goods, delivery time is particularly important when cooperating with foreign suppliers. Payment methods As a wholesaler, given the risk of capital flow and transfer, he usually gives his downstream retailer customers a certain period of account, which means that the wholesaler also gets a period from a Chinese supplier. For example, wholesaler customers want to be able to do OA 30 days, that is, to pay in 30 days when they receive the receipt of the goods, rather than taking cash. Or the kind of payment methods like DP, CAD, LC forwards that are more favorable to him. How the product is packaged When it comes to product packaging, there are two aspects to pay attention to. On the one hand, we usually know that if the cooperation is the brand or manufacturer, they have their own brand, the product's inner packaging will be labeled with the corresponding brand label, and the outer box packaging will also be printed on the brand logo. For wholesaler, he does not have his own product brand, but usually has a company's circulating brand logo, such as a company logo or company name on the outer packaging, and such logo is with a brand. On the other hand, the product may be available to a wholesaler, such as wooden pallets and plastic pallets. Pallet supply is normally a more common way for suppliers to supply, distributors sell goods in the form of pallets and sell them in bulk to wholesalers, and then the wholesalers sell them in the form of cartons to retailers, and finally the retailers sell the products in the form of packaging to the final consumer. In such a process, if the goods are bought in large quantities, the goods supplied by pallets can be discharged quickly. Forklifts and small trailers can be transported directly, without the need to carry boxes. Moreover, when the goods arrive at the supplier's warehouse, they can be directly put on the shelf, which is also very convenient for sorting. So maybe some wholesalers will ask you if you can provide pallet-packed goods. Shelf life For the wholesaler, he needs to buy a large number of goods in order to get a better discount price, and they buy them and put them into the warehouse for storage, and then slowly sell them off, which requires a cycle process, so the shelf life of products will directly affect the shelf life. Especially for some industry products, wholesalers will pay more attention to shelf life, if your product shelf life is relatively short, the wholesaler may have concerns about this aspect. Finally, it is also important to note whether the supplier's product line is rich or not. We all know that wholesalers want to wholesale a wide range of goods and products and need to buy a variety of products to sell. Thus, under the same conditions, suppliers and wholesalers with rich product lines have a higher chance of cooperation. As such suppliers are also more popular with wholesalers.

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