Which Goods Are Eligible For Tax Refund?

In the international trade business, export tax refunds are the value-added tax paid by enterprises in the domestic production and sales of export customs declaration goods. So which goods are exported to enjoy the tax refund policy? Goods within the scope of VAT and consumption tax collection China's export tax refund requires that the exported goods are within the scope of VAT and consumption tax collection. The scope includes all VAT-taxable goods, as well as 11 categories of consumer goods such as tobacco, wine, and cosmetics, which are levied consumption tax. Note that they do not include tax-free agricultural products purchased directly from agricultural producers. China's export tax refund policy has the characteristics of "no tax refund", and only refunds the tax paid or exempted from the taxable amount of the export goods that have been levied VAT and consumption tax. Exported goods are temporarily not eligible for tax refund. Customs declaration of goods exported abroad There are usually two ways to export goods, one is the self-supported export tax refund, and the other is the commissioned export tax refund. For goods to be exported for export tax refund, they must be exported for customs declaration. This is a national policy and the rigid regulations on tax rebate for export tax authorities. If the goods are sold in the country without customs declaration and departure, it is no matter if you are settled in foreign exchange or RMB, even if they are sold financially, they will not be treated as export goods and export tax refund will be processed (if provided) except). For special goods that are settled in foreign currency within the territory of the country, such as international hotels and restaurants, they are not eligible for tax rebates because their business processes have not substantially left the country. Goods that have been processed for sale financially The export tax refund (exemption) tax policy generally only applies to trade-oriented export goods. For non-trade export goods such as gifts, exhibits, samples, personally purchased items that are taken out of the country (unless specified), and mail items. Because it is generally not dealt with as a financial transaction, it is also not eligible for tax refund according to relevant regulations. Goods that have been remitted and written off According to relevant Chinese regulations, only export goods that have received foreign exchange and have been written off through the foreign exchange department can apply for export tax rebates. The state stipulates that the goods exported by foreign trade companies must be the above four types in order to be eligible to apply for export tax rebate (exemption). If a production enterprise (a production company with import and export rights, a production company with foreign investment, or a production company entrusted with exporting by a foreign trade company) applies for export tax rebate (exemption), an additional provision is added that the goods must be a production enterprise Export tax rebates can only be applied if they are produced by themselves or if the theory belongs to their own production. Export enterprises wanting to enjoy the export tax rebate (exemption) policy of the country ’s export goods must comply with the relevant provisions of the State Administration of Taxation and meet the relevant conditions before they can apply for export rebate (exemption) tax.

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