Why Are Some Companies Not Found In The Customs Data?

Why can't I find a company? First, let ’s talk about not managing to find a company? There are three reasons: It is Problems with the data source itself. The data of foreign trade companies are based on the customs data of 30 published first-tier countries. Currently, they include 30+ million real overseas trading companies, and they do not cover all trading companies around the world. Company coverage in second-tier countries is incomplete, so data for some companies cannot be found. The target company applied for privacy protection. When applying for customs declaration, the company can apply to the local customs for privacy protection and not disclose related transaction data. We cannot find the trade data of such companies from the customs data. The company used freight forwarder. If the company hands over the work of customs declaration to the freight forwarder, the bill of lading to order is filled in the name of the freight forwarder, and the company's name and contact information are not used. In this case, we can only find the company information of these freight forwarders, but cannot find the source company of the data. In addition, apart from the above reasons not finding the company, the problem may be in the way the company is searched. The company’s name filled in is irregularly or inconsistently when some companies in the declaration of customs. By searching directly with the company name, there will be multiple company names for the same company. Find the company, but the amount of transaction data is small It also mentions that if a company is found to import goods, the use of freight forwarders, this part of the transaction data is missing, so the number of transactions of the company is small. Second, if you are looking for companies in second-tier countries. Since second-tier country data is reversed from data from 30 first-tier trading countries, not all transaction data with global trading countries, the data is incomplete. When summarizing company data, the number of transactions is small for companies in second-tier countries because the transaction data is incomplete.

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